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Elvis Costello On His Health (“Great”) and New Album ‘Look Now’

elvis costello look now album

“We never once thought about what audience we were making this for,” Sebastian Krys, the co-producer of Elvis Costello’s new album, Look Now, informed me as we lingered within the aftermath of a listening occasion held by Harmony Data on the fabled Electrical Woman Studios in Greenwich Village. “We just wanted to make the best album we could make — with real scope to it — in the hopes that it would find an audience, and maybe even inspire younger musicians who might stumble on it via some playlist one day down the road.”

Whereas Krys’ assertion speaks volumes concerning the state of the document enterprise in 2018, he didn’t say it with any sense of resignation or defeat. In reality, his satisfaction in what he and Costello have achieved along with Look Now’s palpable, and fairly rightly so.

Look Now’s an old-school, big-budget album, recorded at a few of the greatest recording studios on the earth (Electrical Woman, EastWest, United Recording, and so forth.), and sounds it. It veers from intimate, aching ballad, to the acerbic rockers that Costello made his identify with, albeit by means of the lens of a 60-something.

For his half, Elvis Costello can also be brimming with satisfaction, as he holds forth — right here for Rock Cellar Journal — reflecting on the evolution of Look Now (which you should purchase proper now at this hyperlink) and the way it’s an album that he and his Imposters might solely have made on this second.

elvis costello look now album

Rock Cellar: What are you able to say concerning the scale and scope to Look Now, and the way it harkens again to Imperial Bed room, whereas remaining firmly set in 2018?  

Elvis Costello: Imperial Bed room was one of many data that was in our minds. Final yr, the Imposters and I made a decision to take one other take a look at the songs from Imperial Bed room, stay, as a result of we by no means had the endurance to play half of these songs correctly. There have been half a dozen songs on the document that The Points of interest might flip into one thing wild. There have been a couple of that we neither had the time nor the voices, frankly, to render.

I had gone loopy with all these vocal preparations. However now I’ve acquired Davey Faragher in my band, who’s not solely an awesome bass participant, however he’s the right singer for these songs.

Rock Cellar: On how Look Now could be very a lot an organized album, however on the similar time, continues to be an Imposters report.

Elvis Costello: I needed to make each these issues. All of the songs have been written on the piano, together with the three that have been written by different pianists than me, which is a aid, actually, for anyone that’s heard me play the piano, I’m positive. Clearly, two of the songs have been written — the music was written solely by Burt Bacharach.

On “Don’t Look Now” and “Photographs Can Lie,” I feel you’ll in all probability acknowledge Burt’s contact. I couldn’t have imagined a state of affairs by which former members of The Points of interest, not to mention members of The Imposters, might be a part of collectively in fairly this manner and take their cues from him. The truth is, I’d by no means actually imagined a state of affairs during which we’d be again within the studio. However we’ve labored secretly, writing for the final ten or twelve years, for various events. Songs that folks would perhaps report, or for some stage work that by no means got here to fruition. And the songs have been simply laying there, type of like screaming at me, “You’d better record me.”

And I went to Burt about two years in the past, as a result of I’d began to assume that perhaps swearing off recording was a nasty concept. And I requested him, did he assume that perhaps we might convey these songs out into the sunshine.

However I feel we would have liked the corporate of those different songs I’d written, and I wanted the power of The Imposters to set off these songs. I wrote “Stripping Paper” alone, and I feel one of the best praise I’ve ever been paid a few music, I’ve to say, is just not from a critic, however from Burt Bacharach. As a result of I despatched him the composition, perhaps for him to make some modifications, and he refused so as to add something to it. He’s very straight in his mind-set, and if he had needed to, or felt the music wanted extra, he would’ve definitely advised me, as a result of he has earlier than.

He gained’t let me get away with something.

On how most of the songs have a thread, “Stripping Paper,” “He’s Given Me Things,” from the voice of one other individual.

Elvis Costello: In having made the choice to report once more, I concerned my band. One of many causes for doing it was as a result of I needed a document of The Imposters. Actually, a report of them, as they’re now, with the buildup between three of us of almost forty years of labor collectively, about how we really feel and what we find out about music, and what we find out about our emotions about songs. I despatched every of them a tape with about 35 songs that I’d accrued over the previous 25 years, lots of which have been written within the final 9 months to a yr, and a few of which written instantly earlier than we recorded. And it was shocking to me that the drummer, Peter Thomas, who prior to now was usually asking me, “When do I get to hit things hard?” was the one who notably targeted in on “Stripping Paper.”

The imagery in “Stripping Paper” is a few lady who discovers her husband is being untrue. And in a second of distraction, she begins to peel the wallpaper from the wall, and beneath one splendid layer of wall-covering finds one other much less splendid, and one other behind that, which was on the wall when she and her husband adorned the room themselves throughout a long-ago erotic afternoon. And the piece of paper additionally has the pencil mark of once they’d measured their daughter’s peak as she grew. It seems like a sentimental conceit once I say it, however whenever you place it in music, and you will have it performed like this by the Imposters, and the string quartet to reply the vocal phrases, a wind quartet of bass clarinet, French horn, alto saxophone, and alto flute, as a result of all of these devices have a spherical edge to their sound, predominantly, and they sound like respiration, such as you have been within the room…

These are issues we wouldn’t have had the endurance for once we have been youthful. And now I’m glad to say we do. It’s not that we’re making higher data. It’s simply that they’re totally different data. As a result of we don’t need to make the identical document once more. We might do this anytime.

However what’s the purpose of it? You’ve already heard that one. It needs to be a unique report.

So what’s “Under Lime,” anyway?

Elvis Costello: “Under Lime,” properly, you realize, they throw lime on graves. “Under Lime,” the opening music, is an extended, narrative music — which is uncommon, to open a document in that method. This document does mark eight years, I feel, since I made a report beneath my very own banner. So I needed to type of make the thread by means of this time period, to have this music referred to as “Jimmy Standing in the Rain” — that’s on Nationwide Ransom — and it was a few musical singer who was making an attempt to promote cowboy songs to the English, which I can testify is a troublesome activity.

And I left him deserted on a railway station, probably alcoholic, undoubtedly has the signs of TB, discovering consolation within the arms of a lady who calls out one other man’s identify in a second of ardour. Like the standard feel-good hit of the summer time. And I began to assume, what would occur if this legend have been simply sufficient to get him onto a tv present within the fifties, the place they’d blindfold upscale visitors, the place a star can be introduced out, and they’d should guess their id?

So the thought was that Jimmy is now a barely-remembered identify in present enterprise, and he’s introduced onto this TV present at Lime Grove, on the BBC, which is the place a variety of the reside tv was made within the 1950s. And he’s about to be ritually humiliated, which is a serious element of reside leisure in England. So the track picks up the story with him being positioned within the cost of a younger lady, a manufacturing assistant, who’s advised, “Whatever you do, don’t tell him your name, and whatever you think, don’t let him drink.” As a result of that is going to finish in tears. And they also go into the dressing room and then he begins to query her about her boyfriend. And about her household tree. And principally, he’s set this snare earlier than, so the music is a scene that’s all too acquainted. It wasn’t invented yesterday. And that was the track, I assumed, that was perhaps the opening of this document.

On why he launched the deluxe, expanded version of Look Now concurrently the usual version?

Elvis Costello: I don’t like the thought of promoting the report once more, you already know, three months later, with three or 4 additional tracks on it, as a result of they’re often not that good. And the deluxe version, if you wish to purchase it, there are 4 extra songs, and I feel they’re all actually good. There’s a ballad that Steve and I did, that we added somewhat ornament to. There’s a track which I wrote for Johnny Hallyday. Sadly he didn’t get to document it, however he was fascinated by it in his final months. It’s very touching, and the music is written in English and French. Which is tremendous shocking, as a result of I don’t converse French.

On recording the album in some actually legendary studios.

Elvis Costello: Yeah. At Capitol, which deserves its status. Nicely, it helps if you understand the place you’re placing the microphone, nevertheless it actually does offer you one thing vivid to start out with. These studios are well-maintained, and they’ve the factor that makes going into the studio worthwhile. As a result of individuals make good data of their bed room with their laptop computer. You are able to do all types of issues. I made plenty of good data with a cassettes and Four-tracks. No matter you employ, it’s no matter will get it finished.

The primary distinction now, I feel, is we ready our minds very nicely, in order that when the pink mild went on and we performed, it was extra like a reside report, despite the fact that we have been including issues piece-by-piece, as a result of all the work was put in in the course of the rehearsal time, away from the studio time. So when the purple mild got here on, we simply needed to play it. And it felt free. And I feel you hear that.

The final track, “He’s Given Me Things,” Steve Nieve organized that track simply by enjoying it. We had a rhythm monitor, which was very even and hypnotic, and he simply performed this factor on the piano, and that was the entire of it. And I had all these string elements written, and by some miracle they fitted collectively completely. He had no concept what I’d written. I didn’t inform him about all of it, I simply advised him what we couldn’t have. And with Steve, anybody can inform you that he’ll offer you variations on something for ceaselessly and a day. And it’s exhausting to say to Steve, “Don’t play there. Just leave that gap. Because what you have played is so memorable and takes the ear. And something else is going to carry us into the chorus.”

I imply, that is the technical stuff, however we might not have had the endurance prior to now, or we might have simply recorded the whole lot, and you then would have needed to decode it.

Speaking about one of many highlights of Look Now, “Suspect My Tears.”

Elvis Costello: Nicely, it’s about two individuals who each pretend their feelings. It’s about two hypocrites, actually. I wrote it as the primary music — I considered making a document of this on the time — an uptown pop document. I simply imply within the sense that it has a cool rhythm part, however there’s area for voices and vibraphone and strings. This was the primary music I wrote after Painted from Reminiscence got here out. I feel I wrote it in 1999, so it has a few of the issues I’d learnt from Burt, however it’s not his work, it’s mine. And it by no means was a track that might have fitted.

“Burnt Sugar” was written with Carole King in 1996. And I do know it sounds loopy to say, however there has by no means been a document that it might match on. We needed to look forward to the second, and this was the second.

On whether or not he ever wonders what his indignant younger self would make of an album like Look Now.

Elvis Costello: No. Critically. I don’t ever assume like that. I might hope that you’d collect some issues as you go alongside. If the 24-year-old me type of sneered at this, nicely, that might be simply what you’d have anticipated of him anyway, wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t be an enormous shock. You understand, once I was on this label Stiff Data, we did a stay document, and have you learnt what the 2 songs that we reduce have been?

“Miracle Man,” which was on My Purpose is True, performed by The Points of interest, and “I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself,” which was a Bacharach and David track. All I’ve received now’s the keys to the cabinet. And I’ve had them earlier than. That is simply the primary time I’ve made a document with this type of scope. Imperial Bed room was a document I discussed solely as a result of that was the primary time The Points of interest and myself had the cash to spend slightly time discovering our option to the songs within the studio.

However I didn’t write any of the songs within the studio. I’ve by no means achieved that. That’s simply not my fashion. Different individuals make nice data like that, however I’m not one among them. After which clearly, once I was with Warner Brothers, they gave me some huge cash to make data, which I took gratefully, to have an enormous journey.

If I have been to report these songs once more at this time, I’d in all probability do them in a different way. When it comes to taking a look at your self, and how you’d decide your self — which approach are you wanting, backwards or forwards? Why look again and go, “I wish I had had a different thing there,” “I wish I had that guitar,” “That would have made that song better”? I don’t.

Whereas it’s apparent Look Now’s made up of his “lessons learned,” there’s lots of Imperial Bed room and Spike and Mighty Like a Rose it, too. Did Elvis reference them in any respect?

Elvis Costello: I sound like me. There’s solely delicate variations that you simply’re going to get. The sound of my voice in sure keys, I’m willfully — actually, I don’t assume I’m making an attempt almost as exhausting to bend my voice out of practice, the place I used to be continuously making an attempt to get away from myself.

What about within the preparations and scope of the manufacturing?

Elvis Costello: Properly, I don’t know. I’m not consciously making an attempt to imitate one other document we made. The distinction shouldn’t be all options are discovered inside the four-piece band. There in all probability shall be, every so often, once we play these songs in live performance. We in all probability gained’t take all of those devices. However why have one model? The opposite night time I used to be on the BBC, the place they used to report Pop Goes the Beatles and exhibits like that, and the place Bing Crosby gave his final ever broadcast. The studio is tiny. They’re about to knock it down, in truth. And I went to do a night the place I talked about songwriting and sang a couple of songs. And we performed “Unwanted Number” and “Under Lime,” simply with piano. And, in fact, they have been very totally different songs. That’s one thing that Steve and I’ve carried out through the years, enjoying collectively as a duo, and that’ll in all probability be one thing that we contact once more.

(Relating to the cancellation of tour dates over well being points earlier in 2018) How are you feeling?

Elvis Costello: I’m feeling simply nice. Thanks. We’d performed Dorchester — we performed every week of exhibits in between the periods in Los Angeles, and the 4 days of periods in New York — and I used to be hiding within the dressing room in Dorchester, writing the string elements out, as a result of I’d left a few of them until the final minute, until I’d heard what Steve performed, so I might ensure that he didn’t play within the holes that I used to be going fill. So I used to be ending them off and I obtained a name, 10 o’clock within the morning on a Monday, saying “you’ve got to have an operation.”

Sharpens your wits up a bit bit, I’ve to say. We got here in right here, we went in elements simply whereas we have been all sitting. And the subsequent day we got here in, we had a lovely string part of 9 gamers. They actually performed superbly. Then we went again to Vancouver, and I knew this little occasion was arising. So it didn’t affect something concerning the contents of the report. I knew it was coming, however I used to be extraordinarily lucky. I had it detected. I used to be informed I needed to have it eliminated. It’s simply one thing that occurs.

I might’ve not stated something about it, as a result of I didn’t need to fear my household or my associates that I don’t converse to every single day. It type of sharpened me somewhat bit, since you don’t know the longer term. However then I had it taken care of, and thought I used to be all again, when it comes to my power — as a result of the operation does knock you out somewhat bit — and I simply miscalculated. I used to be in the midst of a tour in Europe and I noticed that I couldn’t do my greatest. As soon as I let the remainder of the dates go, I needed to supply a coherent rationalization, somewhat than simply be regarded as being flaky.

Sadly, a few of the reviews have been twisted just a little bit to make it sound prefer it was a way more critical state of affairs. It was actually only a query of missed timing within the restoration. So thanks for asking.

However I really feel nice.